“The teleclass yesterday provided me with applicable tools I can actually use in my practice and my professional relationships to take me to the next level. So after the session yesterday, I can truly say that my Net Does Work and I’m moving forward implementing those connections. Thanks for a great class!




Medical Nutrition Therapist/ Dietitian/ Sports Nutritionist


“I’ve attended a number of sessions on networking, but none hit home like the one presented by Sonja. Her suggestions to invest time to build relationships and maintain relationships were great. Networking is about building relationships that mutually benefit both individuals. It’s about quality and not the quantity of relationships.”

Linda Eck Mills, MBA, RD, LDN, FADA is a career and life coach who partners with individuals to build a bridge over troubled waters.


“Excellent presentation! This was the missing key for me in delivering effective nutrition presentations. I learned take-home, usable skills for my nutrition presentations.”

Lisa Phillian, RD


“I am an experienced speaker/presenter and Sonja’s presentation gave me a number if valuable tools to improve my technique.”

Patricia J. Becker, MS, RD, CNSD/past president NCDA


“Sonja captured and held our attention better than any f my graduate professors. Her presentation was enthusiastic, informative and effective. I enjoyed her relaxed and conversational tone, her attention to the audience, her concise delivery and organization, and her fantastic stories.”

Katrina Levine


“Sonja was engaging and informative. Her information will be applicable in my practice.”

Kelly Vass, RD


“Sonja kept my attention the entire hour which is quite an accomplishment in my book. She was organized and gave practical information that I can actually use the next time I give a presentation.”

Alicia Henderson


“Sonja’s information was useful and to the point – stimulating!”

Randye Worth


“Sonja’s presentation was very well done – her messages were well communicated and reinforced. She gave food for thought!”

Martha Mozr


“Excellent presentation. Lively, entertaining, engaging and very informative. She gave great practical tips.”

Pam Cornelius, RD


“Sonja’s presentation was enlightening and inspiring. I’m excited to try these strategies in my nutrition education classes!”

Anna LaBarre, RD


“Sonja is an energizing speaker who will inspire you to become a memorable speaker.”

Julieann Cheng


“Sonja’s presentation was very informative and practical. I will use her information to enhance my speaking abilities.”

Cheryl Kuhta-Sutter, RD


“Sonja’s presentation was very informative and a must-see for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.”

Janelle Kramer


“I am glad I went to Sonja’s presentation first…her personality is so pleasant and kind, but very powerful.”

Susan Kosma, RD


“Sonja’s presentation was very informative and practical with easy to use suggestions. I like the real world examples she used.”

Crystal Woessur, Dietetic Intern


“Sonja gave a very friendly and engaging presentation; very relevant to me.”

Frank Bottone


Group Coaching:
“Thank you for all of your patience, support and guidance you’ve given to the CMI team. We’ve already started seeing the changes – positive ones – within our interactions. We are grateful for the opportunity to develop as individuals and as a team.”

M. D’Agostino, President, CMI